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Can you run on water!? I guess if you had my shoes on, it could be possible?

Probably the most fun commercial shoot I have ever done!  And the stunt guy was fantastic.  But I tell you what.. my legs were toast for 2 days after that.  We ran across that pool for 5 hours with little rest-- as long as it took to wardrobe change and dry off the stunt guy.  

Asics video and photo shoot as we all prepared for the 2012 London Olympic Trials

How fun is it to spotlight your passions in a picture or a video!  Behind the scenes is so much more fun to see what it takes and how creative these videographers and photographer really are!  Thanks ASICS for always backing me up, and believing in my abilitiy so much as to support me throughout my career. 

ASICS' elite athletes come together to introduce ASICS training collection - a line of shoes and apparel designed to help athletes reach the next level and "Better their Best".

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