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Inspirational and Vault Videos

Partnered with Heraea Marketing and Karatbars International, we are offering a collectors item that also gives back to support April in her athletic endeavors.  Purchase the card and get 1gram of pure gold bullion embedded in the card.  Thank you! 

Check out the 4 stunts I participated in to win $50,000!

I put this collage together for a blog spot I did years ago for a company called LIVE THE DREAM. Its 10 min highlight of all of my stunts on the show Fear Factor Thanksgiving edition.  What an incredible opportunity this was and the fact that I won the money just fueled the Olympic Dream.  

Beautiful Life of Hidden Olympians- Who are your Olympianites? Your Village that surrounds you with love and support?

Olympian April Steiner Bennett shares how to connect between childhood dreaming and the adult dream quest. The achievement of success is never alone. It takes a village of special silent leaders known as Olympianites, that surround us everyday. A simple yet powerful connection with these Olympianites is the true place we draw much of our strength and inspiration.

A piece of the interal raw feelings of failure post Olympic Trials 2016

Within the week after competing in the finals at the 2016 Olympic Trials, I wanted all of my village, my Olympianites to know I was ok, that I am ok. That I am resilient, and will find strength soon enough.  But here is a piece of the raw struggle us dreamers go through after feeling like a failure. After facing a closing of a dream.  I have never faced this before, and it is NOT easy. But wow, I wouldn't change a thing.  

(video credits: USATF High performance 2008, courtesy extra footage reel 2008, Music by Fall Out Boy- My Songs Know)

by University of Arkansas Journalism major and great friend/Training partner SANDI MORRIS (also Rio Olympic Games Silver Medalist!)

In 2014 I was training at the University of Arkansas with Sandi.  She was working on a video journalism piece for school and chose me to spotlight and to a story on.  She is SO talented and belongs on TV!  I was honored and 2 years later competed with her for the Rio Olympic Games.  She went on to win a Silver medal.. maybe this piece should have been about her!!!  

Drake Relays Jordan Creek Mall Vault

What a spectacular event, vaulting in a MALL!

One unique opportunity that I have been privileged to be a part of was the Jordan Creek Mall vault in Des Moines, IA.  Imagine watching from the second level which is the height the guys were clearing!  

This video has been and can be used to welcome any level of student back to school!

A quick welcome back to students at all levels! I have had many other teachers request to use it for their classes and it was super fun to make!  This video was made for a school in Wisconsin to welcome back so high school students.  

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