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Vault Safe is an educational project delivering a growth mindset philosophy premised upon a belief that children's most basic abilities can be developed through dedication & hard work.  When children are presented with challenges to "try something new" -- and even fail at a task --  they learn more, learn it more quickly, and view challenges & failures as opportunities to improve.

Utilizing tools as simple as a bamboo stick and something to jump over (a sand pit, a creek, a little brother), Vault Safe has developed "STICK JUMPING" as a common-core compliant, standards-based physical educational curriculum targeting pre-high school youth in the development of physics/bio-mechanics principles, specifically, the transference of linear momentum utilizing a rigid lever to create rotational momentum sufficient to generate vertical lift and horizontal displacement.  
​(In other words: We teach them how to jump over and across stuff!!)

Vault Safe brings together a team of guest "Stick Whisperers" (Elite Athletes skype in from around the World to classrooms), educators, equipment providers,  & coaches to energize kids in P.E. classes across the United States and, soon, the World. 

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