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VaultChick Champion Motto:  My motto really takes different shapes and forms as life unravels to me.  I just love life. I love the journey. I love sharing it with others.  I always feel that if I can be at my best and succeed, that would be the ultimate accomplishment.  And if I can be at my best and get beat… then I did everything I could  and it will be fantastic!  Life is too precious to not take chances, take risks, try something new, explore and take opportunities that might end up being mistakes or the greatest choices ever made.  Preparing is key but living in the moment cannot be forgotten. 

I am April Steiner Bennett.  A dreamer who has lived for the purpose of making the Olympic Games.  I have pursued athletics with this passion in my heart since I was 12 years old.  I cant even begin to describe the journey I have been on and incredible people and experiences I have been through. 

My life, a journey that I am so blessed to be on has brought me the pole vault, leading to a dream come true, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team.  After that year of catching the Olympic dream, I have searched high and low, moving many times for training, therapy or coaching, being creative with how to make ends meet to pursue the ultimate high for an Olympic athlete, in hopes of finding that next perfect storm that could bring an Olympic medal.  At some point along the way, at a goodbye dinner with friends before we relocated, VAULTCHICK was born. 

She's just a little thing... and together we have written an app game that tells our journey in a very creative, angry birds meets temple run, ninja kind of way.


 (we just need a company to make it!)


The life of a vaulter is a unique one full of "families" and interesting situations everywhere. The game shares all of it!  


Alternate for 2 other Olympic Games is bitter sweet and the fire is still there. 


Keep your eyes peeled for the little chick that brings a little humor and fun to the Olympic Journey! We dream of Gold, Silver or Bronze.


Thanks for the love and support from everyone!


Asics America
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